Reminder to all members that the range is for use by members only. Anyone bringing a non-member to the range to shoot will have their membership revoked. The lock combination has been changed to the 2020 access number.


 The  start time for monthly meetings will be seven pm starting with the April 2018 monthly meeting. 


Combination for lock on the gate has been changed effective 6/9/2021. The 2021 combination is on the reverse side of your membership card.



*********** NOVEMBER 9th MEETING AT CRIVELLARO'S @ 7PM************


    The Williams TownshipSportman's Association would like to thank the following companies and individuals for the donations they provided to the  

Charles Byerley Memorial Childrens Fishing Tournament.


                                                Sponsors for 2021


Monster Blues Brothers Fishing Club                   John Lisnaski

Williams Township Sportsman's Assc.                  Leon Stull

Mark and Patty Weidner                                           John Will

Pure Country Dancers Inc.                                       Eric Fistler

Earl Eckert                                                                   Chuck Yeoman

Don Bachman                                                              Bill Hunara

Chris Blasco                                                                 John Hyman

Mike's Bait Shop


Raffle winners for the 2021 Charles Byerley Event


Prize #1      Ticket #7          Paul Harryn

Prize #2      Ticket #56       Jeannelle Hola

Prize #3      Ticket #23       John Hyman

Prize #4      Ticket #82       Louise Stull

Prize #5      Ticket #109     Earl Eckert

Prize #6      Ticket #132     Freddie Simmons

Prize #7      Ticket #25       Lannie Taten

Prize #8      Ticket #32      Bobbie Weidner

Prize #9      Ticket #89      Sean Corriere 

Prize #10    Ticket #188    Warren Loebsack 



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