Reminder to all members that the range is for use by members only. Anyone bring a non-member to the range to shoot will have their membership revoked. The lock combination has been changed to the 2019 access number.


 The  start time for monthly meetings will be seven pm starting with the April 2018 monthly meeting. 


Combination for lock on the gate will be changed the weekend of 6/13/2020. The combination is on the reverse side of your membership card.


****Membership renewals will begin at the December 2019 meeting ****


 **** The April monthly meeting has been canceled and the last day membership renewls will be accepted has been moved to June 9,2020 *****


**** The May monthly meeting and the Fishing Derby are canceled. The gate combination will not be changed until after the June meeting and this date may be extended if required. Please retain your 2019 cards for access to the range. Tickets for the Fishing Derby will be avaiable for purchase at the June meeting. 


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