Meeting Schedule for 2020

Meetings held at Crivellaro's Restaurant & Bar, Morgan Hill Road, Easton , PA. Usually the second Tuesday of each month starting at seven. 

New and Present Membership Update

The bylaws for the club have been updated and approved. New member applications are now being accepted. Anyone wishing to apply for membership must attend a monthly meeting and submit their application. New member applications are approved or rejected by the members present during the January or June meetings.  Present members who do not renew on or before March 31, 2019 will be dropped from the membership roster and will then need to apply for membership as a "new member" under the updated bylaws. 



April 5, 2020 - ****Postponed until future date***  Annual block shoot starting at noon. Block shoot is held  at range on Gaffney Hill Road.


April 10,2020- All memberships will be extended until the June 9,2020 meeting. This may be extended due to the ongoing CoVid19 pandemic and the uncertainties that are associated with it. The officers and the Board of Directors of the Association would like to wish all our members to have a safe and enjoyable Easter. Look forward to seeing all at our future meetings.



May 12,2020- Monthly meeting starting at seven pm. This will be the last meeting to pay your dues for 2020. The access lock combination will be changed on Sunday, May 17th. 



May 16,2020- Fishing Derby- Details at the April meeting


***** May 11,2020 ***** - Drawing for Fishing Derby will be held at the range during the June 9th monthly meeting. Tickets are still available and may be purchased at the meeting or from Steve Warner. Anyone that would like  to purchase tickets before the meeting please use the e-mail address for information. 


June 9,2020- Clean up at the range starting at 6 pm. Monthly meeting starting at seven pm. Voting for new members will occur at the monthly meeting. Membership renewals for 2020 are being accepted at the meeting. 


July 7,2020- Clean up at the range starting at 6 pm. Monthly meeting at range starting at 7 pm. 


August 11,2020- Monthly meeting starting at seven pm. Normally this meeting is held at the range with a clean up of the grounds starting at six pm. Website will be updated if changes occur for this meeting.


August 24,2020- NCFS meeting at Crivellaro's on Morgan  Hill Road. Meeting starts at 7 pm. Sponsored by WTSA


September8,2020- Monthly meeting starting at seven pm.


October 6,2020- Monthly meeting starting at 7 pm


November 10,2020- Monthly meeting starting at 7 pm.


December 8, 2020- Monthly meeting starting at 7 pm. Renewals for 2021 start with the December meeting. 

Members may now send questions, suggestions and announcements that they would like to have posted to the website to the following e-mail account;

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